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The New Digital Age impacting Real Estate

April 11, 2019

Market Marketing Selling

Real Estate is facing a changing environment much like many other workplaces in the land.  Today we live in a very visual, digital world where communication is rarely face to face, unless you are using Facetime on your smart phone, and increasingly on various platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat or Messenger and such like. The […]

"I need or want to sell now, what do I do?"

June 5, 2018

Buying Market Marketing Selling

People are now saying “that is all good, but I need or want to sell now so what do I do”? Yes, you can sell in this market and we do every week. Remember if you buy and sell in the same market then you should not be any worse off.  So, you may sell […]

Great Sales begin with Great Presentations

July 17, 2017

Design Market Marketing Selling

Great Sales start with Great Presentations… For the sale of you home, we like to provide our clients with the best we can offer – Great presentations… Elevated Drone Photos to make a statement! Eye Catching Internal Photos! and Drone Videos to give the potential purchasers a feel for the property. The way your property […]

Free Drone Photos for any Listing!

October 10, 2016

Marketing Selling

Lui, the Boss, playing with his new Drone! Yes that’s right, Country Realty now have a drone! That means Free drone photos for your properties that you list with us! Stand out from the crowd, List with us Today! Check out our YouTube Channel for examples of the Videos we create. Contact us today to […]