So what makes Country Realty different to any other Agency? Lots actually…

It’s about attitude, it’s about respect, it’s about knowledge and information for you as well as us, it’s about security, privacy and certainty.

Often there is talk about the service and professionalism both of which should not be given a badge of honour. If we are not providing both in bucket loads, we would not be as successful as we have been.

You won’t find any uncomfortable, high pressure scenarios here. After all we are about Fulfilling Dreams, not creating nightmares for you. You won’t find any smooth talking or half truths about selling, buying or renting.

You will find friendly eager people who will work for you seven days a week.

We acknowledge that people work and have commitments, so we fit in with you; be it an appraisal, or a property viewing. We will fit in with you whether it is before or after work, or on weekends.

And after a sale is done, you will have questions. We will be here to answer them for you, guide you on where to buy your groceries, what day the bin is emptied, best schools, public transport, and the list goes on.

To help you on your path we have guides for you. A Buyer’s Guide, Seller’s Guide and Moving Guide. You can download these now or ask us to send them to you.

So what makes Country Realty different, it’s the attitude our people have to warmly welcome clients and genuinely wanting to help them Fulfil their Dreams.